Sunday 20 February 2011

The strycsitten construction plan

I had measured one replica strycsitten at Loevestien (see previous post), however I wanted to know the approximate proportions of the other (stryc)sittens as well. I roughly determined the proportions in the table below, and used 44 cm as the standard seating depth for the painted strycsittens.

The image below (hopefully) shows what I mean with the different proportions. The decorated 'triangles' below the seating and armrest are given as a proportion of the height of the feet beneath the seating and above, respectively.

Source Approx. size L x D x H Proportion upper panel and lower “triangle” Height proportion above : below seating Feetrest details Other details
Campin – St. Barbara 150 x 44 x 80 1/4, 1/4 2 : 3 Feet inside
Campin - Merode 180 x 44 x 80 1/4, 1/3 2 : 3 Feet inside Seating boards are inside frame, lions on arm
Meister Schoppingen 180 x 44 x 75 1/4, 1/2 2 : 3 Feet inside, plank with hook Lions on arm
V/d Weyden - Annunciation 1 : 1 none Fixed backrest
Rijksmuseum 78 x 50 x 75 - 2 : 3 none French type, closed panels
Loevestein 224 x 44 x 73 1/4, 1/3 1 : 1 Two attached to frame
Stollentruhe 116 x 42 x 85 - 2 : 3 none German type
Stollentruhe 146 x 37 x 77 - 2 : 3 none German type
Schlossmueum Berlin 194 x 55 x 86 - 2 : 3 none French type, closed panels

The strycsitten I wanted to make is intended to be used at the dining table in my living room. (Although suitable for re-enactment, its size is far too large to move it around in a simple car.) My dining table is 1.40 metres long, so the length of the strycsitten had to be approximately like that. Furthermore, the seating height had to be comfortable for modern length persons (e.g. me and my family), meaning a seating height of approximately 45 cm. My first intention was to use the Loevestein plan for the strycsitten, but later I changed it to the one depicted in the painting of the Meister of Schoppingen. In the end, my plan was an adaption of the latter and looked like this:

The strycsitten also includes a footrest. The black dots in the plan are dowel pins, securing the mortise and tenon joints. A scale bar in centimetres is provided in the plan. Actually I drew the plan shown above after the construction of the strycsitten. The sketch I used during construction (see below) was much more chaotic and had measurements all over.

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