Wednesday 1 June 2011

Meeting and eating with the Deventer Burgerscap

Not only did we paint this weekend (see previous post), we especially came to the museum to meet the Deventer Burgerscap. They are a city based re-enactment group like us, and situated as well around the year 1370. Their city of origin Deventer is even in the same Duchy of Gelre as Nimweghen (our city of origin) and both cities belong to the Hanze league. They are very nice people, taking re-enactment seriously, but also in a relaxed manner. We would not mind to do more events together with the Deventer Burgerscap in the future. More on the Deventer Burgerscap (and this day - 28 May 2011) can be found on their blog.

The families with children of the Deventer Burgerscap and St. Thomasguild sitting outside in '1370'.

The feast at the marketplace

Our day together ended with a medieval meal (or a feast). And did we eat at this feast? Well, strawberye' and 'taerten borbonnose', a hearty pie with champignons, smoked eel, several types of bread, sausages and cheeses. For those interested in recipies and the origin of some dishes:

Strayberye (manuscript Harl 279.1.123 - in 'Pleyn Delit' recipe no. 114) consists of thick almond milk, strawberries, sugar and spices, a few currants and a bit of rice flour.

Taerten Borbonnose (manuscript UB Gent 476, recipe no. 72 - in 'De keuken van de late middeleeuwen' - a Dutch cookbook) consists of sweetened cream, butter, egg-yolks and flour in puff pastry. This is a true medieval recipe - no amounts of the ingredients are given in the book!