Monday 17 June 2019

A milestone for the Thomas tapestry

Anne and Katinka busy with the St. Thomastapestry in the Kemenade of castle Ammersoyen, 10 June 2019

Previous two weekends we have been active with living history at both castle Ammersoyen (together with the re-enactment group Het Woud der Verwachting) and at the Historic open air museum in Eindhoven. The ladies of our group have been very busy working on the recreation of the Thomasteppich (of which the original resides in cloister Wienhausen in Germany). Last Sunday Katinka finalised the first row of the tapestry, which allowed us to see this part of the story of Saint Thomas in its full glory.

The last few stitches by Katinka before this row is finished: five-and-a-half years work.

 Embroidering the last threads of the first row of the St.Thomastapestry in the Historic open air museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The complete view of the first row of the Thomas tapestry.

 The first row of the Thomasteppich on the table.

Earlier that Sunday, St. Thomas (in the small shrine) clearly blessed that day's work on the tapestry.