Sources - books and articles on medieval furniture

This page contains books and (art history, archeological and scientific) articles on medieval furniture that the St. Thomasguild has in their collection in alphabetical order by the surname of the first author. This list also provides some annotations in italic on the books where appropriate. Note that there is a large, but not complete, overlap with the bibliographies on medieval and ancient furniture published by Jens Kremb and available on his website. We are indebted by his work.

Many of the mentioned articles can be found/downloaded from either Researchgate or Academia, or freely read online at JSTOR.

No author known

  • Große Lade, Leihgabe aus St. Andreas in Halberstadt Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt – Domschatz und Dom St. Stephanus und St. Sixtus zu Halberstadt – Inv. Nr:DS-Gast001.
  • Nonnberger faltstuhl und hirtenstab vom Jahre 1242. Benediktinerinnenabtei Nonnberg, Salzburg, Austria.
  • Reliquienschrank aus der Liebfrauenkirche Halberstadt, Stollenschrank. Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt – Domschatz und Dom St. Stephanus und St. Sixtus zu Halberstadt – Inv. Nr:DS426.
  • Thuis in de Middeleeuwen – het Nederlands burgerinterieur 1400-1535. 1980. Uitgeverij Waanders, Zwolle, the Netherlands. ISBN 90-70072661. [In Dutch]. Exhibition catalogue; among the items, several pieces of existing furniture displayed and an essay on types of furniture.


  • Albrecht, T. 1997. Truhen - Kasten - Laden vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart am Beispiel der Luneburger Heide. Veroffentlichungen des Landwirtschaftsmuseums Luneburger Heide 6. Micheal Imhof verlag, Petersberg, Germany. ISBN 3-932526-02-3. [In German]. This book describes chests and their construction from the Lunebuger moor, a large part on medieval chests. There is considerable overlap with the (better) book of K.H. von Stulpnagel.
  • Albrecht, T. 2001. Schrank - Butze - Bett vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart am Beispiel der Luneburger Heide. Veroffentlichungen des Landwirtschaftsmuseums Luneburger Heide 11. Micheal Imhof verlag, Petersberg, Germany. ISBN 3-935590-02-4. [In German]. This book describes cabinets and beds with their construction from the Lunebuger moor, a substantial part on medieval cabinets/armoires. Curiously no cradles are described with the beds. The book also contains a part on furniture makers and guilds.
  • Albrecht, U. 2009. Corpus der Mittelalterlichen Holzskulptur und Tafelmalerei in Schleswig-Holstein. Band 1. Hanzestad Lübeck, St. Annen-Museum. Ludwig Verlag, Kiel, Germany. ISBN 978-3-933598-75-2. A continuing highly illustrated catalogue of all medieval woodwork in Schleswig (there is also a band 4). Mostly church related, but also some furniture, especially in band 1.
  • Albrecht, U. 2012. Corpus der Mittelalterlichen Holzskulptur und Tafelmalerei in Schleswig-Holstein. Band 2. Hanzestad Lübeck, Die Werke im Stadtgebiet. Ludwig Verlag, Kiel, Germany. ISBN 978-3-933598-76-9
  • Albrecht, U. 2016. Corpus der Mittelalterlichen Holzskulptur und Tafelmalerei in Schleswig-Holstein. Band 3. Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen auf Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig. Ludwig Verlag, Kiel, Germany. ISBN 978-3-86935-213-8.
  • Albrecht, U. 2019. Corpus der Mittelalterlichen Holzskulptur und Tafelmalerei in Schleswig-Holstein. Band 4. Die Kirchen im Landesteil Schleswig. In 2 Volumes. Ludwig Verlag, Kiel, Germany. ISBN 978-3-86935-342-5. These volumes include some painted cupboards and several lecterns. The apostle St. Thomas is mostly ignored in the photos.
  • Appuhn, H. 1978/1979. Beitrage zur geschichte des herrschersitzer im Mittelalter. I teil. Gedrechselte Sitze. Aachener Kunstblatter 48, pages 25-52. Study and typology of turned chairs in use as seats of authority. Four archetypes are discussed along with many other examples and photo's.
  • Appuhn, Horst. 1986-1987. Beiträge zur Geschichte des Herrschersitzes im Mittelalter II. Teil: Der sogenannte Krodo-Altar und der Kaiserstuhl in Goslar. Aachener Kunstblätter Band 54-55: page 69-98.
  • Appuhn, Horst. 1988-1989. Beiträge zur Geschichte des Herrschersitzes im Mittelalter III. Teil: Der Stuhl im Dom von Minden. Aachener Kunstblätter Band 56-57: page 53-72.
  • Appuhn, Horst. 1962-1963. Zum Thron Karl des Grossen. Aachener Kunstblätter Band 24-25: page 127-136.
  • Appuhn, Horst. 1971. Rosa und die anderen Briefladen aus dem Rathaus zu Dortmund. Zur Bedeutung der Sterne und Rosetten an mittelalterlichen Möbeln. Aachener Kunstblätter Bd. 41: pages 267-274.
  • Appuhn, Horst. 1972. Briefladen. Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch 34: pages 31-44.
  • Appuhn, H. 1984. Mittelalterliche truhen in kloster Ebstorf. Sonderdruck aus dem Jahrbuch des Museums fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. Band 3. A study on the chests in kloster Ebstorf.
  • Ayres, James. 2017. A late medieval chair of estate. Furniture History 53: pages. 1-11. A turned and carved chair.


  • Ball, R. and P. Campbell. 1983. Masterpieces – making furniture from paintings. Hearst books, New York, USA. ISBN 0-688-02488-2. Among the pieces constructed and discussed are several medieval types. It is interesting to see how the flat furniture from paintings is transformed into real ones.
  • Blanc, Monique. 1999. Le mobilier francais – moyen age renaissance. Editeur massin, Paris, France. ISBN 2-7072-0346-7. [In French]. A good book on the subject with French examples.
  • Boccador, J. 1988. Le mobilier francais du moyen age a la renaissance. Edition dÁrt Monelle Hayot, St-Just-en-Chaussee, France. ISBN 2-903824-13-4. [In French]. Many colour photographs.
  • Bode, Wilhelm. 1902. Die Italienischen Hausmöbel der Renaissance. Monographien des Kunstgewerbes VI. Verlag Von Hermann Seemann nachfolger, Leipzig, Germany. Italian renaissance started when most of Europe still made medieval style furniture. 
  • Bond, Francis. 1908. Screens and galleries in English churches. Oxford University Press, London, UK.
  • Boram, John. 2007. Thirteenth century painted church furniture and its later influence. Regional Furniture 21: 207-220. Discusses the destroyed Noyon cupboard among others.
  • Bos, Agnès. 2012. L’atelier du menuisier à Paris à la fin du Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance. In: Commande, production et réception de l’œuvre d’art: Mélanges en hommage à Xavier Barral i Altet. Picard éditions, Paris, France, pages 283-289. 
  • Bos, Agnès. 2019. Mobilier du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance - La collection du musée du Louvre. Musée du Louvre, Paris, France. ISBN 978-2-35031-639-0. Shows the dating patterns on pieces of furniture.
  • Bos, Agnès. L’atelier du menuisier à Paris à la fin du Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance. pp 283-289.
  • Bowett, Adam. 2014. The Cotehele Cupboard Revisited: One Cupboard or Two? Regional Furniture 28: 29-38. Early renaissance cupboard. See also other articles on the piece.
  • Brisbane, M. and Hather, J (editors). 2007. Wood use in medieval Novgorod. Oxbow Books, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9781842172766. This book with photo cd-rom contains a chapter on medieval furniture finds from Novgorod Russia. 
  • Bridge, Martin and Miles, Daniel. 2011. A Review of the Information Gained from Dendrochronologically Dated Chests in England. Regional Furniture 25: 25-55. Concerns thirty-four (some of them very large) medieval chests.
  • Brownlee, Emma. 2022. Bed Burials in Early Medieval Europe. Medieval Archaeology 66 (1): pages 1-29.
  • Burckhardt, Monica. ? Mobilier moyen-age renaissance. Edition Ch. Massin, Paris, France. [In French]. Nice colour photographs of French medieval furniture.


  • Carns, Paula Mae. 2005. Compilatio in Ivory: The Composite Casket in the Metropolitan Museum Gesta 44, No. 2: pages 69-88.
  • Cassina, Gaëtan. 1977. Le coffre gothique de l’Hospice du Grand Saint-Bernard. Vallesia 32: pages 267-274. 
  • Cescinsky, Herbert and Gribble, Ernest. R. 1922. Early English Furniture & Woodwork, Volume I and II. George Routledge and Sons Limited, London, UK.
  • Charles, Corinne. 1991. Un coffre de mariage suisse du gothique tardif sort de l'anonymat. Nos Monuments d'Art et d'Histoire 42, pages 74-86.
  • Charles, Corinne. 1997. Meubles du Moyen Age en Alsace et dans le Rhin supérieur. Cahiers Alsaciens d'Archéologie, d'Art et d'Histoire IX, pages 125-149.
  • Charles, Corinne and Veuillet, Claude. 2012. Coffres et coffrets du Moyen Age dans le collections de Musee d’histoire de Valais, Sion. Volume I and II. Series Valère art and histoire volume 3. Edition Hier und Jetzt, Baden, ISBN 978-3-03919-251-9. A large volume on the carved medieval chests of this museum.
  • Chiesa, G., 1971. Il quattrocento - Mobili - Arti decorative - Costume. Gorlich Editore, Milan, Italy. [In Italian]. Only a few pages of this 96 pages book deal with costume and daily utensils, the rest is devoted to Italian medieval furniture of the 15th century. Although I can only read the text with help of Google translate, it contains many interesting photos.
  • Chinnery, V. 1979. Oak furniture, the British tradition. Antique collectors club, Woodbridge, UK. ISBN 1-85149-013-2. An enormous volume covering early furniture, including medieval and medieval like types.
  • Chinnery, V. 2021. Chapter 9. Plain and Functional: furniture on the Mary Rose. In: Julie Gardiner (Editor). Before the Mast: Life and Death Aboard the Mary Rose (Archaeology of the Mary Rose). Oxbow books, UK. ISBN: 9781789256352.


  • De Reyniès, Nicole. 2003. Mobilier domestique 1. Vocabulaire Typologique. Momum, edition du patrimonie, Paris, France. ISBN 2-85822-461-7 / 9782858224616. The book tries to define types of furniture, giving them strict names. However in medieval times furniture names were not strict at all, so the book misses a point here. There are nice medieval furniture examples shown in the book though.
  • Dervieu, Claude. 1910. Les chaises et les sièges au moyen âge. Bulletin Monumental, tome 74, pp. 207-241.
  • Dervieu, Claude. 1912. Le lit et le berceau au moyen âge. Bulletin Monumental, tome 76, pp. 387-415.
  • Dervieu, Claude. 1914. Serrures, cadenas et clefs du moyen âge. Bulletin Monumental, tome 78, pp. 199-231;
  • Dervieu, Claude. 1922. Le mobilier civil au moyen âge, la table et le couvert du repas. Bulletin Monumental, tome 81, pp. 387-414.
  • Diehl, D. 1997. Constructing medieval furniture – plans and instructions with historical notes. Stackpole Books. ISBN 978-0811727952. Do not take everything literally in this book, including the construction and measurements; he does not show his finished pieces… It does however give you a good idea of what a certain type of furniture looks from all sides.
  • Diehl, D. and M. Donnelly. 1999. Medieval furniture. Plans and instructions for historical reproductions. Strackpole books, Mechanicsburg, USA. ISBN 0-8117-2854-4. As with the previous book: take care and draw your own plans for construction.
  • Dominici, Tamara, 2020. A firepan on wheels: The mobile brazier in Flanders and Brabant in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Oud Holland – Journal for Art of the Low Countries 133(1), pages 1-9. Is a movable hearth a piece of furniture or an utensil? I think it is some overlooked furniture type.
  • Doppelfeld, Otto. 1960. Das fränkische Frauengrab unter dem Chor des Kölner Domes. Germania 38: pages 89-113.
  • Dorge, Valerie and Howlett, F. Carey (eds). 1994. Painted wood: history and conservation. The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, CA, USA. ISBN 0-89236-501-3
  • Drechsler, Stephan. 2023. Cultural syncretism and interpicturality: the iconography of throne benches in medieval icelandic book paining. Open Cultural Studies 7: article nr. 20220166.
  • Dubbe, B. 2012. Huusraet. Het stedelijk woonhuis in de Bourgondische tijd. Uitgeverij PolderVonsten, Hoorn, the Netherlands. ISBN 341-5688-943-1. [In Dutch]. This book is a more or less reworked and slightly expanded edition of 'Thuis in de Middeleeuwen - het Nederlands burgerinterieur 1400-1535. Several chapters deal with medieval furniture.
  • Dunkel, Heinz. 1995. Mittelalterliche Schränke in den Lüneburger Frauenklöstern. PhD thesis Köln University, Köln, Germany. The thesis is about 55 medieval cupboards in the Luneburger convents. Good drawings of the cupboards, but sadly also some missed opportunities by the author, such as no mention of the number of shelves in each cupboard (you can guess by looking at the position of the nails) or measurements of thicknesses of the wood used (like in the volume on chests by von Stulpnagel). I also missed the cupboard with a drawer on one side at Kloster Medingen (situated directly left after passing the entrance door when you visit the convent). Further the typewriter font and lack of photos is outdated for a publication of 1995.


  • Eames, Penelope. 1971. Documentary evidence concerning the character and use of domestic furnishings in england in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Furniture History 7, pages 41-60.
  • Eames, Penelope. 1973. Inventories as sources of evidence for domestic furnishings of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Furniture History IX, pages 33-40.
  • Eames, Penelope. 1974. An iron chest at Guildhall of about 1427. Volume X. pages 1-4. with plates.
  • Eames, P. 1977. Furniture in England, France and the Netherlands from the twelfth to the fifteenth century. Furniture history, Volume XII. A thorough study with many black/white photographs.
  • Eames, Penelope. 1997. The making of a hung celour. Furniture History 33, pp. 35-42 On medieval bed hangings.
  • Egg, Erich. 1982. Die Kunst der Intarsie im 16. Jahrhundert in Tirol. Veröffentlichungen des Tiroler Landesmuseums Ferdinandeum 62: 5-72.
  • Engel, Madlen. 2014. Die Klappstuhlbeigabe in frühmittelalterlichen Gräbern Rheinhessens und Umgebung. Berichte zur Archäologie in Rheinhessen und Umgebung 7: pages 51-67.
  • Engelstad, Eivind S. 1938. Gålås stolen. Viking. Tidsskrift for Norron Arkeologi 2: 99-109, plate XVIII-XXIII.
  • Erler, A. 1939. Der Hochsitz in der deutschen Rechtsgeschichte. Paideuma: Mitteilungen zur Kulturkunde Bd. 1, H. 4 pp. 168-178. No images, just a discussion on thrones and folding chairs.


  • Fligny, Laurence. 1991. Mobilier picard. Le meuble dans l’Oise du XIIIe au XIXe siècle. Les presses artistiques, Paris, France. ISBN 2-901290-08-6. A few medieval furniture pieces.


  • Gaborit-Chopin, Danielle. 1984. Throne reliquary (the Sedia di San Marco). In: Buckton, David (ed.) The treasury of San Marco Venice. Olivetti, Milan, Italy, pages 98-105. Concerns the stone throne of the San Marco.
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  • Guégan, Donatien. 2017+. ‘Plustot au buffet qu'à la broche’ Utilisation et prix du mobilier dans l'habitat à la fin du Moyen Age (XIVe-XVe siècles).
  • Guégan, Donatien. 2019. Le lit en France à la fin du Moyen Âge. Symbolique sociale dans les sources notariales / The bed in France in the late Middle Ages. The social symbolic in the notarial sources, In Situ, Revue des Patrimoines 40.
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  • Harrison, Aidan. 2012. A small Scottish chest. Regional Furniture 26: pages 1-22. An interesting article on the investigations of a small 16th century chest, including checks on fakery and replacement parts and other quirks.
  • Harrison, Aidan. 2017. A Triangular Gothic Stool. Regional Furniture 31: 33-49.
  • Harrison, Aidan. 2018. A Triangular Gothic Stool, part 2: carbon dating and other evidence. Regional Furniture 32: 27-32. A joined triangular stool, supposedly late medieval-early renaissance. (see also Pickvance, 2019)
  • Hancock, Elizabeth. 2005. A dug out chair from the South Lake District. Regional Furniture 19: pages 80-83. An undated chair cut out from a tree stem.
  • Hancock, Elizabeth. 2017. Changing Histories: The Life of a ‘Curious’ Table from Durham Cathedral. Regional Furniture 31: 11-31. A late medieval table with extendable 'sliding' table top.
  • Haneca, Kristof, Deforce, Koen, Allemeersch, Luc, Debonne, Vincent and Remmen, Martijn. 2022. Thinking inside the box. Tree-ring analysis, archaeobotany and historical documents reveal the authenticity of a remarkable 14th century chest made in Antwerp. International Journal of Wood Culture 2: pages 1-28.
  • Hartwieg, B. 1988. Drei gefasste Holzsculpturen vom Ende des 13. Jahrhunderts in Kloster Wienhausen. Zeitschrift fur Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung 2, heft 2, pages 187-262. [In German]. This reprinted journal article describes some 13th century wood carvings, but also how the shrine of the so-called ‘Holy tomb’ was constructed. Medieval shrines are rarely covered in medieval furniture books, though it forms an essential part of the joiner (or schreiner = shrine-maker).
  • Heideloff, Carl, around 1811. Les ornaments du moyen age / Die ornamente des Mittelalters. Eine sammlung auserwalter verzierung und profile byzantischer und deutscher architectur. Verlag Conrad Geiger, Nurnberg, Germany. Drawings of architecture and some furniture pieces. Unfortunately no index exist, so it is wandering through the 500+ pages.. (a collection by Dover press with only illustrations exist, ISBN 978-0486285788; there are also reprinted originals with the text very badly (= unreadable) transcribed using OCR)
  • Hewett, Cecil. 1988. English medieval cope chests. Journal of the British Archaeological Association 141: pages 105-123.
  • Himmelheber, Georg. 1967. Zweigeschossige Schränke der Spätgotik in Oberdeutschland. Münchner Jahrbuch der bildenden Kunst Ser. 3, vol. 18, pp. 97-110.
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  • Himmelheber, Georg. 1984. Das Münchner Minnekästchen: eine Chronik. Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 47. Bd., H. 2: pages 243-247. Nice examples of the these small caskets.
  • Himmelheber, Georg. 1994. Mittelalterliche holzmosaikarbeiten. Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen vol. 36, p. 65-91.
  • Hirth, Georg. 1899. Das Deutsche Zimmer der Gothik und Renaissance, des Barock-, Rococo- und Zopstils. Anregungen zu Häuslicher Kunstplege. G. Hirth verlag, München, Germany. Band 1 deals with the medieval and renaissance house and furniture. Many engravings and photos.


  • Jans, E., 1994. Tuugkisten in Oost-Nederland - versiering en typologie. Uitgevery Verhaag, Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. ISBN 9789066930698. [In Dutch]


  • Karlson, W. 1928. Studier i Sveriges medeltida mobelkonst.N.M. Mandelgren, Atlas till Sveriges odlinghistorica. Tillagshafte V. A.H. Ph. Lindtstedts Universitetsbokhandel, Lund, Sweden. A book on Swedish (and some other nordic) medieval furniture. Though the text is difficult to read, it has many photos on the furniture. Most items dated between 1000-1400, and there is a nice section on turned chairs and thrones. [in Swedish]
  • Klatt, Erich. 1961. Die Konstruction alter Möbel. Form und technik im Wandel der Stilarten. Trühe, Schränke, Kommoden, Betten, Tische und Sitzmöbel in detaillierten Werkzeichnungen. Julius Hoffmann, Stuttgart, Germany. As the subtitle already reveals, this book contains drawings that can directly be used to build furniture pieces. It includes several medieval furniture pieces as well as a short history with photos of the furniture type of that chapter. The main text is German, but the book also contains an English and French translation.
  • Klein, Almuth 2011. Archivtruhe aus dem Dortmunder Rathaus. KulturGut: aus der Forschung des Germanischen Nationalmuseums 4. Quartal. H. 31: pages 16-20.
  • Klein, Almuth and Franz Bock. 2011. Richard Moest und die Geschichte eines niederrheinischen Schranks. Anzeiger des Germanischen Nationalmuseums 2011, pages 157-166.
  • Klein, Almuth. 2012. „Möbelkatalog Museum’. Zu einem gotischen Lehnstuhl im Germanischen Nationalmuseum und einem historistischen Nachbau im Frankfurter Liebieg-Haus. Kulturgut, III. Quartal, 2012, pages 9-12.
  • Knell, David. 1997. Tudor furniture from the Mary Rose. Regional Furniture 11: 62-79. Simple furniture from the shipwreck. See also the book on the finds.
  • Kohlhausen, Heinrich. 1925. Rheinische Minnekästchen des Mittelalters. Jahrbuch der Preuszischen Kunstsammlungen 28, pages 203-247. Nice examples of the these small caskets.
  • Kortekaas, Gert and Blom, Marcella met medewerking van Rogier Kruisman. 2011. Over stoelen en banken. Een middeleeuwse meubelvondst uit Groningen. Archeobrief 2: 15-17. Find of a (partly) turned bench in the Netherlands, 13th century. [in Dutch]
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  • Lunsingh Scheurleer, T.H. 1948. Een laat Gotisch dressoir in het Rijksmuseum. In: Oud Holland. 63, Nr. 3/4, pages 91-107. One of the interesting things is that this dressoir also had panels between the lion feet; the grooves are still present. [in Dutch]
  • Luthmer, Ferdinand. 1910. Deutsche Möbel der Vergangenheit,. Monographien des Kunstgewerbes VII. Verlag von Hermann Seemann und nachfolger, Leipzig, Germany. An old book on furniture history with many engravings and photos.


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  • Meidersma, K.T. 1994. Achter slot en Grendel. Rijksdienst voor Monumentenzorg, Zeist, the Netherlands. ISBN 90-12-08065-7. Not only locks but also the furniture on which it resides. Many unknown Dutch examples for me. [in Dutch]
  • Mercer, Eric. 1969. Furniture 700-1700. Social history of the decorative arts. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, UK. SBN 279178091. A bit outdated book on the early furniture history.
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  • Müller-Christensen, Sigrid. 1974. Oude Meubels – Van de Middeleeuwen tot de Jugendstil. Schuyt & Co. Haarlem, the Netherlands. ISBN: 9060970489. [In Dutch] This book has also  other language versions, such as English or German. It is a general furniture history book, but with some rare examples from the medieval period. 



  • Nicka, Isabella. 2010. ,Möbel‘ als Analysekategorie der mittelalterlichen Bildwelt. Strukturierendes und funktionalisiertes Interieur in konfigurierten Innenraumdarstellungen. Medium Aevum Quotidianum 60: 17-35.



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