Sunday 11 September 2011

Other medieval furniture of Chateau Martainville

This blog continues the pictorial story of the medieval and renaissance furniture at Chateau Martainville in Normandy, France. This time I will present photographs taken of several seat furniture, such as a high armchair, boxed settles and as well as a bed, a cupboard, a door and a threstle table.

Seat furniture

This oak high armchair dates from 1490-1500. 
It is 186 cm high, 50.5 cm deep and 74 cm wide across the armrests.

The bottom panels and the sides are linenfold carved, the backrest panel has a gothic window style.
Beneath the seating is a chest, the keylock is at the front.

Details of the carved dragons at the top of the chair.

 A settle with armrests, but without a backrest. A chest is beneath the seating boards.
 The same bench, the lid does not cover the complete seating area. 
Note also the linenfold wall cover at the back of the settle.

 The side of the settle, with linenfold panels.

The lockplate with heavy clamps of the settle's chest.

  A late medieval settle with six linenfold panels for the backrest as well as for the 'chest' part of the seating.

The side of the settle does have plain and chamfered panels instead of linenfold carving.

A settle or double high armchair with three open armrests. The panels for the settle are undecorated. 
The chairs are unequal in width.

A cupboard from the first French renaissance.

Beneath the cupboard are three small drawers.

A 17th century trestle table, consisting of two trestles and a separate table board. 
Not many original medieval trestles exist (one in a museum in Paris, France; and one in Bruges, Belgium). 
Though this one is not medieval, such types can be found in medieval paintings and miniatures.

One trestle, the table board seen from below.

 Construction details from the top and the base of the trestle
The table board is constructed of several planks  fixed with dowels in an end-plank. 
Note the groove and tongue joint.

 The large kitchen table of Chateau Martainville.

Detail of the feet of the kitchen table. The feet are attached with a dovetail joint.

 A four-poster bed with parchemin panels.

The parchemin panel of the top rail of the bed. 
The dowels which fix the mortise and tenon joint are easily seen.
The back panels of the bed are plain.



A panel and frame door in chateau Martainville with parchemin carved panels. 
Also the doorframe is elaborately carved.