Friday 8 December 2023

Thomasguild at a podcast

 At 7 July the Thomasguild woodworkers Bram and Marijn were guests at the historic open air museum in Eindhoven. The manager of the museum Yvonne Lammers conducted an experiment where she lived, cooked, ate and slept for two months in the medieval craftsman house. During that time she kept a diary which can be read online. Each week had a special theme, and experts were invited to discuss the topic of that week. The panel discussions were recorded and made into a podcast (in Dutch language).

The topic of 7 July was medieval woodworking, and experts from university (Roos van Oosten, professor of medieval history at Leiden University), archaeology (Ilse Lange - wood specialist at BIAX and Jeroen Flamman - Vestigia), a professional historic woodturner (Martijn van Gerwen), a professional historic carpenter (Leo Wolterbeek) and re-enactment (Bram and Marijn - making medieval furniture at the St. Thomasguild, and Vincent van Deventer - writer and general guild specialist). We discussed the use of paint, wax and linseed oil, tools for woodworking, turning vessels and the making of 'daubenschale' among others.

Some weeks ago I discovered the podcast of our topic on Spotify. For those that are interested and understand Dutch, this is the link:

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