Monday, 30 October 2017

A 15th century oak chest panel

Two 15th century from a recent auction and another one bought several years ago at ebay.
The two panels are 45.5 cm high and 20 cm wide and around 1 cm thick.

It is interesting to look at medieval internet auctions and see whether they have some interesting pieces for sale. Mostly, they are above my budget, but this time they had some affordable pieces at Le Prunier Auction: several 15th century French oak panels were for sale. I did a bid for a pair of panels that originated from a chest and won it! Some weeks ago they arrived at home. One of them was in a bad shape - which I knew from the auction photo - with some woodworm holes. As I did not know whether the panel was treated or not, they went for a cure for some weeks into the freezer to kill the bugs.

Wrapped in plastic the panels just fitted into the freezer. 
A few weeks at -20 degrees Celcius is enough to kill any woodworm inside.

The best panel of the two.

A few details of the panels: the roses of the the top.

The gothic windows and the rose in the circle at the bottom.

Compare this with the rose details of my other 15th century panel.

Woodworm vandalism on the other panel.


  1. What a nice little find. Do you think you might try to make a chest and fit these into it?

    Congratulations on your acquisition.

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