Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Omroep Gelderland meets St. Thomasguild at castle Hernen

Last Saturday was 'Gelre'-day for Castle Hernen, with free entrance for the public and a radio reporter of Omroep Gelderland (a regional broadcasting) present with moments of live recording of the event. Also the St. Thomasguild was present and had a brief encounter with the reporter. He especially liked the 'noise' of our hammer - as this showed the listeners that 'real' construction was going on ...

The car of Omroep Gelderland at the entrance of Castle Hernen. 
Our son is carrying the embroidery frame and the 'noisy' hammer.

Left: Bram is busy turning a bowl from a cancerous tumour of a beech tree. 
Right: The radio reporter in action interviewing a visitor.
I was busy with a new project: a two-seater bench. This will be a larger version of the one in the bottom left corner made many years ago. I am working on the edges of the seating board with a hollow moulding plane.

The end result should look something like this, with openwork tracery. Note that the rose figures are exactly like those used on our hanging cupboard for Castle Muiderslot. 15th century oak bench of Flemish origin. Size 49.1 cm height, 96 cm length. Formerly collection Albert Figdor, now Philadelphia Museum of Art (item 1930-81-5).

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