Wednesday 12 October 2016

A sneak preview of the hanging cupboard for castle Muiderslot

We have been working very hard during since June to have the scapradekijn (or hanging cupboard) ready in time for castle Muiderslot (nowadays also called Amsterdam Castle in order to attract more tourists). (Also reason of the few posts on this blog.) The hanging cupboard has a deadline of Sunday 23 October, so we have only one-and-a-half week left to finish it. The last part we need to finish is the crown of the scapradekeijn; this we will do in the last weekend at the castle. 

A medieval crafts weekend at castle Hernen in July 2016. the Thomasguild is present inside the main hall of the castle. The front panels of the cupboard are being carved. Photo by Ton Rothengatter, the 'house photographer' of the castle.

I will dedicate some blogposts later on the construction of the cupboard. Meanwhile, I will give you some sneak previews of our work on the cupboard.

Bram is working on the crown parts on his bench at castle Hernen at 2 October. 
In the background you can see the cupboard  standing - all parts are still loose. 

Medieval market at castle Hernen on 1 and 2 October 2016.

The scapradekijn hanging in the workshop. The hinges and lock have been attached by nails, 
while the rest is fitted by wooden dowels. They still protrude out of the left side of the cupboard.


  1. I have been eagerly anticipating seeing what you would come up with. It has been worth the wait; no disappointments here! Bravo!

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