Sunday 5 April 2015

Eastern at Castle Hernen

Today and tomorrow (Eastern) we are guests at Castle Hernen (Hernen, the Netherlands), one of the castles of the 'Geldersch Landschap and Kastelen'. We were very surprised and pleased that some new furnishing was placed in the castle. When we had an appointment at the castle last year, all the rooms were quite empty, but now the castle was very alive and attractive. We even could make use of the great hall, where we could dine as if we indeed were the lords of Hernen. 

We had a very privileged lunch at the U-sided table. 
There was one slight disappointment: there were no servants to help us ...

During the afternoon, Bram and I were working on a medieval chest, while Anne and Katinka were embroidering inside - under the scrutinizing eyes of the many visitors. Some more photos of castle Hernen with the Thomasguild can be found on the Facebook site of the castle.

 Also Katinka has nearly finished embroidering her first panel of the Thomasteppich.

Bram and I are discussing which medieval plane is the better one: 
Bram's 14th century north German plane, or my medieval Italian plane. 

 We needed help from Anne to decide which plane was the best.

 To my surprise Anne did choose the plane of Bram: the toat  felt very smooth according to her.

 Ah! Now I know why. The toat! It resembles something ...

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