Sunday 7 September 2014

Triangular stool in Miroque magazine

The triangular stool, which I have made in 2011 features in a 'do-it-yourself' article in the latest issue of the German re-enactors magazine Miroque. The complete issue 11 of this magazine features many short medieval ideas/guides of making your own stuff. Although I do wonder if you actually can make the triangular stool using the sparse 2-page guideline in the magazine, it does provide the more complete sources (this website and that of blood and sawdust) that will help you make the stool. From this issue I did get an idea of making a clay oven, to use for medieval cooking, but that will be a project for later.


The article in Miroque.
The triangular stool, one of the five images used in the Miroque article.


  1. I told Tom Rettie that his website (Blood and Sawdust) was in Miroque. He said he needed to update it.

  2. Hi, I am a spoon carver from England. I have enjoyed your blog for a couple of years now. I was wondering if you could help with a problem I have. I have an old piece of treen which I think is medieval (British Tudor, maybe) but have no way of authenticating it. Would you take a look at it and tell me if you recognise it from your experience?

    1. A funny thing, this box. I actually ran into one (undecorated) last Thursday during woodworking class. But I do not have a clue what it was used for. I thought that it could be a chalk box (for a chalk line), but the inside of the box did not show any trace of chalk.
      It can be from any period, chip carvings were used during medieval, Tudor, but also modern times.

  3. Sorry, I ran out of space.

    Thank you for looking, regards Richard