Friday, 18 July 2014

Problems and the sella curulis

 The sella curulis as is should look like when it is finished.  
The apple trees in the background are old races: a lemon apple and a notaris apple.

We have had some computer problems lately, which ended up in buying a new one and transferring all the data from one to another (and having less time for blogposts). Luckily no data was lost, but the data transfer was a bit difficult with the old computer crashing every 10 minutes. Anyway, these problems are now solved. Meanwhile, I also worked on the seating of the sella curulis. It will look great, but due to a miscalculation I have to redo the leather (it was too short). In this post you will see some images of how the medieval folding chair should look like when it is finished.

Front view of the sella curulis


  1. My re-enactment group has aquired some chairs, and I was wondering what you have finished yours with? Some sort of varnish, modern or period? I don't like to leave the wood untreated for obvious reasons, but am unsure whether to just brish on coats of linseed oil or do something more adventurous. Any advice gratefully received.