Monday 2 June 2014

Progress on the Thomasteppich: August 2013 - May 2014

 Anne and Katinka at work on the Thomasteppich in April 2014.

Like the previous progress report on the Thomasteppich embroidery project, I have made a photo for most of the days during August 2013 till May 2014 when Anne did something with her part of the Thomasteppich, and turned these into another small video.

Of course not only Anne worked on the tapestry. Also Katinka made an enormous progress...

 Left: Katinka's part of the tapestry in 2013, and right in April 2014.

Also interesting to see is the back of the tapestry. Only tiny stitches appear at the back of the frame, most of the wool is present at the front of the tapestry. The medieval klosterstitch used has two purposes: it saves weight and expensive wool.

 The front and back of the tapestry in August 2013.


  1. Beautiful work! Can you tell me where the embroidery frame is from? I am an embroiderer and I have never seen a lap frame where you can roll excess fabric. I would love to learn more. Thanks

    1. we made them ourselves. In one of the previous posts with the tapestry label you can see how it is done. It is relatively simple to do.