Monday, 24 June 2013

Another carpenters guild chest with tools

I had overlooked this great carpenters guild chest from 1600 with many tools depicted on it when I showed some other tool chests in a previous post. This guild chest is from the Lubecker Tischlergesellen and now in the St. Annenmuseum in Lubeck, Germany. The image is from the book 'Schrank, Butze, Bett vom Mittelalter bis ins 20. Jahrhundert am Beispiel der Luneburger Heide' by Thorsten Albrecht.

The following tools are depicted:
On the wall: a rack with chisels and a schoulderknife, a hacksaw, a frame saw, a mitre square and a mallet.
On the floor:  a mallet, a glue pot and an axe. Also a supporting stand for boards is next to the workbench.
On the workbench: a try square, two block planes and a jointer plane, a rule, a whetting stone and a vessel for beer. Finally, the craftsman is holding a compass.

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