Saturday 9 February 2013

Additional strycsitten images

Some more strycsitten images were found in books and paintings during the last half year. Interestingly two of them are on paintings in Dutch musea: one in the Mauritshuis in the Hague, the other in Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. The third one is part of a manuscript illumination in the Bedford Hours. The same miniature also shows a beautiful folding chair with a (fixed) high backrest (see also the multilingual medieval furniture dictionary).

This oil on panel painting of the Last Supper is ascribed to the German painter Jorg Ratgeb, 1505-1510. The painter was executed for his active involvement in the German peasants war, being drawn and quartered in 1526. In front a German type strycsitten can be seen. Image from the online collection of Boijmans van Beuningen. Strangely, the same image is shown in the book Fetes gourmandes au moyen age but here it is said to be part of a Luneburg triptich of 1410 from Hannover, Germany.

The strycsitten is bend to fit around the round table. The connection of the backrest to the strycsitten is decorated with a flower design. Curiously, the fourth apostle on the strycsitten is blowing his nose.  

This oil on panel painting by an anonymous German painter of around 1520 shows the birth of Maria. Size 110 x 97 cm.  As expected, a German type strycsitten is depicted.

Salomas, one of the husbands of St. Anne sits on a strycsitten while writing. The strycsitten is of the French type. Detail from the miniature in the Bedford Hours, folio 257 verso. The book is dated around 1423-1430. and made in a Paris workshop. Now in the British Library, London Ms. 18850.

The central illumination of the Bedford Hours folio 257 verso. On the right a folding chair with a high backrest is shown. The scene shows the Duchess Anne of Bedford praying to St. Anne, Maria and child. the old man is likely Joseph.

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