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This page contains some links for interested readers to otherwise hard to obtain information, provided as pdf. You may download these pdf's for your own use, but further spread of the files on the internet is prohibited. We provide it as a service to you, please do not abuse it.

Furniture and Tools

The article by Horst Appuhn on Medieval turned chairs in use as thrones. In German, from an art history journal from 1978/1979.

Both chapters are from the out-of-print and extremely expensive second hand book which you could borrow from a large library:
Chapter on woodworking tools found in the Mary Rose shipwreck.
Chapter on the furniture from the Mary Rose shipwreck.
I have removed the links to these chapters, as the book will be reprinted by Oxbow Publishers, and thus are normally available. 3-6-2013

Romeinse Runcina in Nederland by M. van der Gaag and B. van de Pas
The corrected version of the article  in the 2023 Gildebrief (in Dutch).



The brickstitch pattern of the Maastricht pouch, which used to be available from the M-silkwork blog.
The Klosterstitch (of e.g. the Thomastapestry) hand-out  that used to be freely available from Racaire embroidery and needlework blog.