Monday, 23 February 2015

(Medieval) moving house

Today Anne and Marijn will be moving house. I have looked if there are any medieval miniatures depicting a similar situation and came up with these two images. Both images use carts to transport military equipment, but I guess the same horse and cart can be used to transport your household stuff and furniture. 

This image is from Bodleian MS 264 folio 83 verso, dating from around 1340 by the Flemish illuminator Jehan de Grise.

This is from an early 14th century manuscript. The cart is being loaded with stuff (booty?)


  1. Best of luck with your move, I like to be helpful but my arms are not quite long enough to reach over there :-)

  2. It's certainly an astounding strain for those in more ancient times to simply move out and change locations. Sometimes, we really need to have a bit more perspective on those, and see not only how much of a convenience removal services are these days, but also how much of an evolution they are as well, of human existence in general. Thanks for those side-by-side comparisons, which you made to kind of show us that again. All the best!

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals